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U of I Study Abroad in Latin America

The U of I Study Abroad Office organizes study programs in Latin American countries.  

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Summer 2013 Study Abroad application deadline: February 8, 2013.

For more information visit University of Illinois Study Abroad Office webpage:


CLASP Programs

The Consortium for Latin American Studies Programs provides a comprehensive list of summer programs in less-commonly taught and indigenous Latin American languages offered by universities throughout the United States.

* Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP) list of Summer 2013 programs in less-commonly-taught and indigenous Latin American languages offered by U.S. universities.

* Pitt Kichwa summer program in Ecuador

* 2013 Summer Intensive Portuguese Instituteat the University of Wisconsin - Madison


Summer 2013: Intensive Quechua. Centro Tinku, Peru

.Centro Tinku Quechua Summer course

For more information, please visit Cento Tinku's web page:



INEPAS: Experiencing Life in Guatemala

INEPAS was founded in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in 1994 as a civil non-profit-making association. It is fully recognized by the Guatemalan government for performing a range of social, legal, and humanitarian projects within the framework of developing rural communities in and around Quetzaltenango. INEPAS functions solely with the help of national and international volunteers who offer their support, professional talent and work experience in diverse fields.

INEPAS has received official recognition from UNESCO. Its first social project, the foundation and construction of a rural school in the Maya-K'iché community of Choquiac was designated by UNESCO as exemplary for other organizations that work on similar projects. INEPAS generates the necessary funds for its social aid programs through its Spanish language school, thus remaining self-sustaining and non-partisan.

We offer a variety of options for individuals wishing to learn Spanish:

The Language Immersion Program: for those whose primary aim is to learn Spanish.
This is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, comprising of structured, intensive one-to-one tuition daily. Daily socio-cultural activities are arranged according to the interests of the students, including visits to local villages, trips to areas of natural beauty, films, sports and conferences on various aspects of Guatemalan life.

The Service Learning Program: for those who wish to learn Spanish in the context of voluntary work.
This consists of intensive one-to-one Spanish tuition each weekday morning and in the afternoons, students can participate in one of our social aid programs. Working directly with communities increases the desire and motivation to learn the Spanish language, whilst the classroom time enables participants to be more effective in their work in those communities. Thus both occupations complement and enhance each other.

Voluntary Internships: both in Social Projects and as an International Co-ordination Assistant. More information about these can be found on our website.

If you would like to receive more information about our organization, please visit our website at or
contact us at


Nexos Voluntarios

Nexos Voluntarios is a Peruvian, Non-Profit Organization that works to create bonds among different actors to promote sustainable development. NeVo receives support from committed and caring volunteers from different parts of the world who are interested in serving communities that require support in order to have a better life and improving the wellbeing of its members and children. As a NeVo volunteer, you will be able to work on a project with your fellow volunteers, sharing the same commitment of bringing sustainable development to those who most need it as well as striving to learn about different cultures.

Volunteer in different programs in Peru (Lima and Cusco). For more information, visit


CIRMA. Study Abroad Opportunity in Guatemala for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona and the Center for Mesoamerican Research in Guatemala (CIRMA) invite you to study abroad in Guatemala.

CIRMA is a leading intellectual center in Guatemala whose work focuses on ethnic relations in Guatemala and Central America, as well as social justice, development and the legacy of the Central American civil wars and peace processes. The professors and lecturers at CIRMA are renowned Central American scholars, policy experts, activists and artists.

The CIRMA study abroad program offers Spanish and Mayan language classes, intermediate and advanced courses in History, Anthropology, Environmental Studies and Latin American literature and politics, a home-stay with a Guatemalan family, and engaging field trips, for-credit internships and research opportunities.

CIRMA classes are approved for University of Arizona credit. Many classes can be taken for graduate credit. Students benefit from CIRMA?s extensive archival and photographic collections.


Study Abroad at CIRMA:
  • Offers a profound academic and cultural immersion for undergraduates and graduate students.
  • Is located in a colonial city so beautiful and historic it has been designated a United Nations World Heritage Site.
  • Is hosted by one of the most prestigious social science research institutes in Central America, offering access to archives and world-class scholars.
  • Includes opportunities for internships, independent travel, and educational excursions.
  • Introduces you to one of the most fascinating nations in the Americas--a country recovering from a Cold War revolution that has 23 languages, 33 volcanoes, world famous Mayan ruins, and a living, vibrant Native American culture
Summer 2013: June 15 - July 28
Fall 2013: August 31 - December 1


For exact information about cost and application procedures and to apply to a program, please see our program information on the University of Arizona Study Abroad website:

The program is open to both University of Arizona students as well as non-University of Arizona students. For questions regarding the process for non-UA students, please visit this website



Global Exchange

Is a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting people-to-people ties around the world. Since our founding in 1988, we have been striving to increase global awareness among the US public while building international partnerships around the world. If you have a particular destination in mind, browse Tours by Country (Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and Mexico, and the US-Mexico Border). If you are interested in specific issues, take a look at Tours by Issue. If you have to fit a trip into your vacation schedule, start with Tours by Date. All tours are cross-linked by country, issue and date. One example of their "Reality Tours" is Haiti: A Culture of Resistance. You can also find volunteer opportunities with Global Exchange.Click here for more information

Over the last 25 years, on behalf of workers, small farmers, the environment and vulnerable communities around the world. We helped build a thriving Fair Trade movement. We championed campaigns to stop and end wars, challenge corporate power and bring attention to the exploitation of the current global economy. We monitored elections in Colombia, Mexico, and in the U.S. We built the largest sustainability event (Green Festival) in the country from the ground up and trained young adults in green careers. We have organized social conscious travel around the globe on our Reality Tours. And we are still going strong! See a timeline of our successes.

Join us in celebrating our 25th year:

  • Mark your calendars and save the date for our Human Rights Awards event in San Francisco on May 9. Join us to honor the life work of Noam Chomsky and the People's Choice Awardee (tbd).
  • Travel to Mexico for Day of the Dead: Our famously popular Day of the Dead Reality Tour to Oaxaca, Mexico will also be our celebration Reality Tour in 2013. It's October 30 – November 7.



Study Abroad Opportunities through the Center for Global Education at Augsburg College

Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs in Cuernavaca, Mexico and in Central America. Integrate solid academic work with real-life experiences. You learn not only from books, but also by living fully in the midst of the society you are studying, encountering the people and culture inside and outside the walls of a classroom. Click here for more information

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