Come learn Quechua! - ¡Hamuychik runasimi yacharikuq!

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) is one of a handful of universities in the world that offers all levels of Quechua instruction since 1976. Our in-class and online materials, used widely across the globe, have been created by our internationally-known Quechua instructor, Clodoaldo Soto, a Quechua native speaker, an author, and with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Registration Spring 2019

LAST 445

  • CRN 35857 - Beginning Quechua 1, Beginner Quechua 2 (Second Semester of Beginning Sequence). Successfull completion of Beginner's Quechua 1 required (offfered Fall semester)
  • CRN 67050 - Internediate Quechua 1, Intermediate Quechua 2 (Second semester of the Intermediate Sequence). Successful completion of Intermediate Quechua 1 (offered Fall semester) required.


LAST 395

  • CRN 10500 - LIfe in the Andes: Topics in Quechua Language and Culture. All students welcome! No previous knoweledge of Quechua or the Andes required!


Come with us / Hamurikuychik / Vengan con nosotros


Takllata apastin buwiskunata qatichkanku
(plow-carrying the oxen they are driving)

'They are driving the oxen while carrying the plow.'

Most spoken Amerindian language in the Americas: 8-12 million speakers.Spoken in the Andean region: mainly in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, but also in SE Colombia, NE Chile, N Argentina and in the Amazon region.Quechua was the official language of the Inca Empire.

Our classes are small in size, and use a variety of teaching materials: traditional and authentic written materials, authentic oral and visual materials (videos and YouTube), and online review lessons.

CLACS offers beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in Quechua for graduate and undergraduate students.

For questions, write to Carlos Molina-Vital: crm5@illinois.edu

Carlos Molina-Vital

Carlos Molina-Vital


Carlos Molina-Vital is a Peruvian linguist and language teacher, and our new Quechua instructor (MA Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, ABD Rice University). He has experience teaching Spanish, General Linguistics, Syntax, and Semantics. He has been working with Quechua languages since. His fieldwork has taken him to Ancash (Callejon de Huaylas and Conchucos), Cuzco (Maras, Urubamba, Calca), and Ayacucho (Huamanga, Huanta), in the Peruvian Andes. His Interests are:



  • Grammar description under a functional-cognitive framework
  • Applied linguistics (pedagogical grammars and standardization)
  • Language and cognition (in particular the interaction between culture, categorization and grammar)



Tribute to Clodoaldo Soto (former Quechua instructor). Congratulations Clodo!

Clodoaldo Soto with the Uchuraqay poncho and the tribute plaque he received from the Quechua Student Alliance of the University of Pennsylvania.

Quechua Student Alliance meeting at the University of Pennsylvania in November 2015, honoring Clodoaldo Soto for his contributions to the study and teaching of Quechua.

Professor Soto's Quechua Publications

Clodoaldo Soto
(Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru)

Our former Quechua professor was at UIUC since 1990, with teaching experience in the U.S., Europe, and Peru; consistently appears on the UIUC List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent. Professor Soto is a linguist with vast experience in teaching.  He was regularly recognized as an outstanding teacher by the students at the University of Illinois.

One of the most respected Quechua pedagogues, he is the author of highly regarded grammars,Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary and language course materials published with prestigious publishing houses in Peru.

Quechua: Manual de Enseñanza
To order a copy please contact Gloria Ribble (ribble@illinois.edu) or go to Urpilibros

Professor Soto's
Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary

Download a copy: Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary