Hamurikuychik / Come to us / Vengan con nosotros


Takllata apastin buwiskunata qatichkanku.
[plow-carrying the oxen they are driving]
They are driving the oxen while carrying the plow.

For more than 30 years CLACS has offered Quechua classes at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The quechua language, spoken by about 10 million people in the Andes and Amazonian regions of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and in Bolivia and Argentina, is the largest Native American language in the Americas. Quechua was the official language of the Inca Empire.

Prof.SotoCLACS Quechua's classes are led by Profofessor Sixto Clodoaldo Soto (s-soto3@illinois.edu), a native speaker of Ayacucho Quechua from Peru. Proffesor Soto is a linguist with vast experience in teaching.  He is regularly recognized as an outstanding teacher by the students at the University of Illinois.

One of the most respected Quechua pedagogues, he is the author of highly regarded grammars,Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary and language course materials published with prestigious publishing houses in Peru.

CLACS Quechua Courses

  • Quechua course Academic Year 2015-16

    Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
    • LAST 445. CRN 35857


                        -  Beginner (Fall 2015 semester: QIa/ Spring 2016 semester: QIb)

                        -  Intermediate (Fall 2015 semester: QIIa/ Spring 2016 semester: QIIb)

                        -  Advanced levels (Fall 2015 semester: QIIIa/ Spring 2016 semester: QIIIb)

  • Online Quechua course

    Beginner level
Professor Soto's latest book:

QUECHUA Manual de Enseñanza
Cost $25 (plus $2 for shipping)
To order the book, please contact:

Gloria Ribble at ribble@illinois.edu
or (217) 333-3182

Professor Soto's Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary

To print: Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary