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Monday, April 14th, 1:00 PM
Raul Silveira, Associated Professor of the Department of Economics, Federal University of Pernambuco, and Researcher of CNPq, Brazil
Pro Poor Economic Growth in Brazilian Northeast: the Evidence for the Periods 1991-2000 and 2000-2010

Congratulations to Joseph Love!!!

The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies and the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies congratulate Professor Joseph Love (History), who has been named to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' Centennial Gallery of Excellence. The gallery features some of the most noteworthy faculty, alumni and discoveries associated with the College over its first 100 years.

A link to the announcement can be found here.

Professor Love positioned the College of Literature, Arts, and Science as a leader in Brazilian studies through his scholarship and his leadership. He served as the first Director of the Lemann Institute. Congratulations to Professor Love for this well-deserved honor!

flag of United States Established in January of 2009 and officially inaugurated in October of 2009, the mission of the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies is to promote study and research about Brazil by faculty and students at Illinois and their Brazilian counterparts, who take advantage of the extensive resources available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Building on long-standing collaboration with Brazilian scholars in economics and agriculture, as well as nearly a half-century of teaching and research in Brazilian literature and history, the Institute seeks to foster knowledge and understanding of Brazil across disciplines and colleges. It will do this by offering fellowships to UIUC and Brazilian students at graduate and undergraduate levels, including the study of business; funding faculty research; organizing international conferences on Brazilian topics; and supporting cultural activities of all sorts.

flag of Brazil Estabelecido em Janeiro de 2009 e oficialmente inaugurado em outubro de 2009, a missão do Lemann Institute é promover o estudo e pesquisa sobre o Brasil por docentes e discentes de Illinois e seus colegas brasileiros que podem utilizar os extensos recursos existentes na UIUC sobre o Brasil.

Partindo de um longo histórico de colaboração com acadêmicos brasileiros da área de economia e agricultura e também de mais de 50 anos de pesquisa e ensino em literatura e história brasileiras, o Lemann Institute tem por objetivo fomentar o conhecimento e compreensão do Brasil a partir de diversas disciplinas e em várias faculdades. Para esse objetivo serão oferecidas bolsas de pesquisa para alunos de graduação e pós-graduação da UIUC e do Brasil, incluindo o estudo de mercados e negócios; financiamento para pesquisa de docentes; organização de conferências internacionais sobre tópicos relacionados ao Brasil e; apoio a diferentes atividades culturais que promovam o Brasil.