Undergraduate Programs

Why Major in Latin American Studies?

As a Latin American Studies major, you will have access to more than 140 affiliated faculty members spread throughout LAS, the College of Education, Engineering, and ACES and will be able to take classes in a number of different departments including Economics, Political Science, Earth Society and Environment, Anthropology, and Geology among many others.
We also facilitate semester, year-long and short term study abroad programs throughout Latin America. In the past our students have gone to Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru.

What do Latin American Studies Majors do After Graduation?

Our majors go on to have a number of different and exciting careers. Over the years, 23% of our graduates go on to get their Masters or PhD and another 21% of our students find jobs in the private sector. In addition, 7% of our graduates go to work for the government and the rest are evenly divided between non-profit work and K-12/higher education.

Undergraduate Major in Latin American Studies

A Latin American Studies major (field of concentration) incorporates an integrated exploration of a major world area. Depending upon the student's interests and career aspirations, individual programs of study are designed in close consultation with the CLACS Academic Advisor, Kasia Szremski (


Minimum 45 hours, 12 of which must be advanced hours
  • Latin American Studies 170 (3 hours)
  • Advanced Language(5-6 hours) *Any course beyond 104*
  • Latin American Studies 490 (3-6 advanced hours) or Latin American Studies 290 - Honors Thesis (must registered for LAST 290 for at least 4 hours)
  • Electives33 hours):
    • 12 hours in one perspective,
    • 9 hours in a second perspective,
    • 9 hours in a third perspective, and
    • 3 hours in any of the five perspectives:
      • Anthropological/ Geographic Perspective
      • Historical Perspective
      • Humanistic Perspective
      • Social, Political, and Economic Perspective
      • Ecological and Environmental Perspective

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