Courses Approved for the Major, Minor and M.A. Program and FLAS Fellows

Most Latin American Studies courses are offered through disciplinary departments. If you are an undergraduate major or minor in Latin American Studies, or a student in the Master program you must consult with the LAST Advisor, Kasia Szremski ( before registering for courses.

Required for undergraduate majors

LAST 170 Introduction to Latin American Studies (Undergraduate Requirement)
LAST 490 Individual Study (arranged)

Required for MA Students

LAST 599 Thesis Research (for LAST MA students only)


* New courses will apear before classes start. This is a preliminary list.



LAST 445         Native American Languages (Quechua)      3 sections: beginner, intermediate and advanced
SPAN 122         Intensive Elementary Spanish                                
SPAN 130         Intermediate Spanish                                                 
SPAN 141         Introduction to Spanish Grammar                         
SPAN 142         Spanish in the Professions                                       
SPAN 199         Undergraduate Open Seminar                               
SPAN 200         Readings in Hispanic Texts                                        
SPAN 204         Advanced Spanish Grammar in Context             
SPAN 208         Oral Spanish                                                                   
SPAN 228         Spanish Composition                                                  
SPAN 232         Spanish in the Community                                       
SPAN 252         Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics                       
SPAN 303         The Sounds of Spanish                                               
SPAN 305         The Structure of Spanish                                           
SPAN 307         Bilingualism                                                                     
SPAN 308         Spanish in the United States                                   
SPAN 312         Modern Spanish Literatures & Cultures              
SPAN 435         Introduction to Romance Linguistics                     Cross-listed as PORT 435
SPAN 460         Principles of Language Testing                                
SPAN 463         18-19thC Spanish Studies                                          
SPAN 467         19thC Sp American Studies                                      
SPAN 490         Advanced Readings in Spanish                               
SPAN 557         Sem Romance Ling                                                      
SPAN 572         Theory and Literary Criticism                                   
SPAN 588         Sem Second Lang Learn                                             
SPAN 590         Topics in Hispanic Studies                                         
SPAN 595         Special Topics in Spanish                                           
PORT 199         Undergraduate Open Seminar                               
PORT 200         Advanced Grammar                                                 
PORT 201         Intensive Beginning Portuguese                         
PORT 202         Intensive Intermediate Portuguese                  
PORT 435         Introduction to Romance Linguistics                  Cross-listed as SPAN 435
PORT 559         Sem Romance Ling


ANTH 101         Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 103         Anthro in a Changing World
ANTH 175         Archaeology and Pop Culture
ANTH 209         Food, Culture, and Society
ANTH 210         Families in Global Perspective
ANTH 224          Tourist Cities and Sites
ANTH 230          Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 278         Climate Change & Civilization
ANTH 393          The World of Jewish Sepharad
ANTH 479          Race, Medicine, and Society
ANTH 570          Cultural Aspects of Tourism
GEOG 101         Global Development & Environment
GEOG 106         Geographies of Globalization
GEOG 204         Cities of the World
GEOG 210         Social & Environmental Issues
GEOG 221         Geographies of Global Conflict
GEOG 222         Big Rivers of the World
GEOG 287         Environment and Society
GEOG 410         Geography of Dev and Underdev
UP 185               Cities in a Global Perspective
UP 205               Ecology & Environmental Sustainability


HIST 100           Global History
HIST 200B        The Versatile History of Indians in Latin America

HIST 279           Mexican-American History
HIST 381           Urban History
HIST 385           Transnational Sexualities
HIST 390           Sport and Society
HIST 393           The World of Jewish Sepharad
HIST 406           History of Mexico from 1519


AFRO 103          Black Women in the Diaspora

AFRO 224         Humanist Perspectives of African American Experience           Cross-listed as CWL 226
CWL 151            Cross-Cultural Thematics
CWL 562            Sem Spanish-American Lit
DANC 310         (section C) Capoeira
EPS 310             Race and Cultural Diversity
EPS 421             Racial and Ethnic Families
LING 111            Language in Globalization
LING 559            Sem Romance Ling
LLS 100              Intro Latina/Latino Studies
LLS 279              Mexican-American History
LLS 296              Topics Latina/o Studies
LLS 310              Race and Cultural Diversity
LLS 322              US Latina and Latino Families
LLS 355              Race and Mixed Race
LLS 360              Contemporary US Latina/o Lit
LLS 396              Adv Topics Latina/o Studies
LLS 442              Latina Literature
LLS 473              Immigration, Health & Society
LLS 479              Race, Medicine, and Society
LLS 554              Social Ent in Diverse Society
LLS 561              Race and Cultural Critique
MUS 133            Introduction to World Music
SPAN 318          Spanish Cultural Studies I
SPAN 320          Spanish Cultural Studies II
SPAN 324          Latin America Cultural Studies I
SPAN 326          Latin America Cultural Studies II
SPAN 332          Spanish and Entrepreneurship
SPAN 442          Latina Literature
PORT 404          Luso-Brazilian Culture
PORT 406          Brazilian Film
PORT 572          Theory and Literary Criticism
PORT 588          Sem Second Lang Learn
PORT 595          Special Topics Port & Braz Lit


ECON 450         Development Economics
ECON 452         The Latin American Economies
ECON 549         Environmental Economics
GLBL 250          Development
GLBL 270          Introduction to Global Markets and Society
GLBL 392          Int Diplomacy and Negotiation
GWS 100           Intro Gender & Women's Studies
GWS 103           Black Women in the Diaspora
GWS 385           Transnational Sexualities
GWS 445           Latina Literature
GWS 512           Gender Relations & Intl Dev
HDFS 220          Families in Global Perspective
HDFS 322          US Latina and Latino Families
HDFS 420          Family Diversity in the U.S.
HDFS 424          Racial and Ethnic Families
PS 241               Comp Politics in Dev Nations
PS 280               Intro to Intl Relations
PS 281               Intro to Intl Relations-ACP
PS 353               Gov & Pol of Latin America
PS 389               International Communications
SOC 130            Intro Gender & Women's Studies
SOC 160            Global Ineq and Social Change
SOC 269            Food, Culture, and Society
SOC 364            Impacts of Globalization
SOC 421            Racial and Ethnic Families
SOC 473            Immigration, Health & Society

Ecological and Environmental Perspective

ACE 251            The World Food Economy
ACE 436            Intl Business Immersion
ACE 451            Agriculture in Intl Dev
ACE 452            The Latin American Economies
ACE 557            Food, Poverty and Development
ACE 559            Food, Trade and Development
ESE 140            Climate and Global Change
ESE 287            Enviroment and Society


FALL 2016 Approved Courses

SPRING 2016 Approved Courses

FALL 2015 Approved Courses