CLACS/Lemann Institute Staff

Anna María Escobar, Director



Kasia Szremski, Associate Director


Kasia Szremski joined the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies in 2016. Prior to coming to UIUC, she was a Lecturer in Anthropology and Pre-Major Academic Adviser at Vanderbilt University, where she also received her Anthropology PhD in 2015. Kasia is also the director of the Huanangue Valley Archaeological project, an ongoing research project dedicated to investigating the linkages between intergroup interaction, resource management, and the development of alternative forms of political complexity on the western slopes of the Peruvian Andes. In her spare time, Kasia is an avid runner and has competed in marathons on three different continents.

Sixto Clodoaldo Soto, Quechua Instructor


Sixto Clodoaldo Soto, from Huanta-Ayacucho, Perú is the Quechua instructor since 1990 at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He is a native speaker of Quechua an Spanish and has published a dictionaries and a grammar book on Ayacucho Quechua; his pedagogical grammar Quechua Manual de Enseñanza is widely know and translated to German as Rimaykullayki. He has recently written also a Functional Quechua Dictionary and is available at the CLACS website. Professor Soto teaches normal classroom Quechua classes at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and also offers an online Quechua course. He is the editor of Correo de Lingüística Andina.

Antonio Sotomayor, Librarian Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University Library



John Karam, Associate Professor of Portuguese, LAST 170 Instructor

Alejandra S-Seufferheld, Outreach and FLAS Coordinator


Alejandra S-Seufferheld, Outreach Coordinator of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, coordinates CLACS outreach programs and events for the educational community (K-12 schools, colleges, libraries), civic organizations and the general public. She also coordinates the CLACS's Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships program. Alejandra is native from Argentina where she received a professional degree in Architecture. In addition, she obtained a Master in Architecture from the University of Illinois, her Master's research and design thesis was focused on Migrant Farmworker Housing.

Gloria Ribble, Office Manager

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LAST 170 | Teaching Assistants

Claire Branigan

LAST 170 Teaching Assistant AY 2016-2017

Ian Middleton

LAST 170 Teaching Assistant AY 2016-2017

John Ben Soileau

LAST 170 Teaching Assistant AY 2016-2017


Graduate Research Assistant

Sergio Poo-Dalidet

Graduate Assistant